Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Formulae and proofs of the Δ-Y (delta-star) conversion

Both delta and star (Y) circuits are circuits with three resistors connected. Using the Δ-Y (delta-star) conversion formula, you can calculate the combination of resistor values that make these circuits equivalent. Read this article to understand the principle of the Delta-Y conversion formula and its proof.

What is an error ellipse? How to calculate and plot using Python.

The error ellipse (probability ellipse) is an ellipse illustrating the variance of a two-dimensional normal distribution. From the variance-covariance matrix of the normal distribution, the formula for the ellipse can be calculated to cover any range. This article explains how to calculate the ellipse using Python drawing in Matplotlib as an example.

The lightning introduction for Embedded Rust with Raspberry Pi Pico

This article explains how to run LED blinking using a handy template to get you started with embedded development in Rust at blazing speed. By reading this article, you will be able to run the Raspberry Pi Pico in 10 minutes and be able to do the electronics development you want with the help of references.

Logistic equation, derivation and solution

What is the logistic equation? The logistic equation is an ordinary differential equation given by $$\frac{dN}{dt}=rN\le...