How to Solve Differential Equation


How to Solve Differential Equation

Separable Equation [Solution of differential equation Vol. 1]

This section explains how to solve differential equations, called the separable equation. This is the most fundamental way of solving differential equations, and is a concept that you want to be sure to master, as the goal is to attribute the solution of more complex differential equations to this form by transforming the equation.
Probability and Statistics


概要 この記事では、分散共分散行列が対角行列となるように変数変換を行う方法、もしくは分散の方向が独立となるような軸の見つけ方について解説し、その導出を行う。 これは、主成分分析(Principal Component Analysis; P...

Ultrasonic ranging with Rust on Raspberry Pi Pico

This article describes how to connect the ultrasonic ranging module HC-SR04 to a Raspberry Pi Pico and control them with the Rust language to measure distances to objects.

Collection of embedded Rust implementation examples – Electronics with Raspberry Pi Pico

This article is a collection of tips for embedding the Rust language into a Raspberry Pi Pico .You can find the corresponding code notation by what you want to achieve with each electronic part. We will add to it from time to time, so it might be a good idea if you come back to look at it often.

How to switch Rust versions

Find out which version of Rust is currently in use and how to install and use different versions of Rust. This article will help you to match Rust versions with your teammates or authors of technical books, and to switch between Rust versions so that your tools work properly.
How to Solve Differential Equation


Machine Learning and AI


How to Solve Differential Equation

Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations of the Second Order with Constant Coefficients [Solution of differential equation Vol. 1]

Machine Learning and AI

Caluculating 95% confidence interval of ROC-AUC.

Calculating the 95% confidence interval for the AUC of the ROC curve allows one to infer the range of values that the AUC would take from the results of data obtained 'by chance'. Confidence intervals are therefore always presented in scientific papers. This article describes how to find the 95% confidence interval of the ROC-AUC and shows how the calculation can be implemented by the Python language.