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Ushitora Lab.

Our main activity is the publication of technical articles related to electronic arithmetic, with the aim of deepening the understanding of the authors and contributing in some small way to the development of the world.

In addition, we publish articles in the form of books in areas where the content has reached a certain level of coherence, or in matters that contain novelty originating from the Institute, and sell them at various events and on our e-commerce website.

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What is 'Electronic Arithmetic'?

We call the overall technology of developing and applying scientific knowledge by utilising advanced calculations with electronic calculators (computers, etc.) Electronic Arithmetic.

Specifically, it refers to the activity of expressing knowledge obtained in academic fields such as physics and mathematics on a computer by means of a programme, and using it to make a product or object perform a meaningful action or to uncover further knowledge.

About author


Shuntaro OHNO

Titles & Qualifications

Medical Doctor, Ph.D (Medicine)


Born in Toyama, Japan.

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toyama and obtained a doctorate (medicine) from the same university.

I participated in several projects within the university during my postgraduate studies. Mainly worked on the application of technology in the clinical and basic (neuroscience) fields, utilising computerised machine learning and statistical analysis.

Alongside this, I participated in projects organised by ministries, local authorities and companies. I worked as a technical supervisor using Rust, Python and various programming-related technologies such as Unity(C#), Android Studio and QGIS.

Now I continues to work as a neuroscientist.

And, continuing on from my postgraduate days, I am concerned with giving academic knowledge a form as an object and applying technology as a hardware product, and am running Ushitora Lab.

Recent Performance


The 22nd World Congress of International Society of Hypertension in Pregnancy. ISSHP 2021. (September 15-28, 2021)

Young Investigator Award

Theme: "Prediction of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy based on home blood pressure monitoring"


Patent Application (Japan) 2021-099260

"Methods, programmes and apparatus for predicting the onset of gestational hypertension or gestational hypertension nephropathy"

(Shareholding ratio 20%)

OSS activity

OSS (Open Source Software) activities, mainly related to scientific and technical computing, using programming languages such as Rust, Python, etc.

See Github for details.

Recent Projects

AR surveying application with Nreal Light

Loads a CAD file stored on an SD card, calculates the display location based on the geospatial information assigned to the file and displays the CAD object superimposed on the real space.

Supports simultaneous operation of multiple CAD objects via UI operations, enabling real-time object movement, rotation and scaling.

Product page (Japanese)

Geospatial Hackers Program

The Geospatial Hackers Programme, organised by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, is a nationwide hackathon aimed at promoting digital technologies that utilise geospatial information.

The author cooperated as a technical mentor for three consecutive years (2019, 2020, 2021), providing technical guidance to participants on the use of geospatial information and mentoring in the design of productions.

Make: UOZU Project

The Make: UOZU project, organised by the Uozu City Office in Toyama, Japan, provides development support to indie game producers from all over Japan and helps them find employment in the games industry through the organisation of various events and game jams.

The author supports the project from a technical perspective, providing hands-on support at various events and development mentoring during the game jams.


  • Technical follow-up at various events
  • Corporate training (mainly in the field of AI)
  • Security system development (Rust)